Chenglu is a local independent designer brand in Shanghai based on high-quality and humanistic and artistic lifestyle.

The design concept adheres to the perfect combination of three core elements: fabric, version and art, and is committed to the harmonious embodiment of the quintessence of Chinese calligraphy art in the clothing design and development. 

YaoHong graduated from the art design department of Tongi University in 2010. She is also a young calligrapher. Since her childhood, she has insisted on learning calligraphy, specializing in small regular script. She studied under Liuxiaoqing, Wan Fu and Le Zhenwen. In 2012, he joined Shanghai Calligrapher Association. She has been engaged in the real estate industry and art industry for many years.

After her resignation in 2019, she founded her own designer women’s clothing brand store. Her ideal is to naturally integrate the art of calligraphy into the art of clothing, and to become an independent designer brand with scholarly spirit.

In terms of fabrics, the principle of nature is followed, mainly including mulberry silk, wool, cashmere, etc.